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The Trinacria

Sicily has an official symbol, the Trinacria, something like the device of Isle of Man.
Giuseppe Bottasini, 22 November 1995

Curiously enough, there has been some academic work done to establish whether there is a connection between the Manx and Sicilian three-legged emblem. I think the consensus is that it is just a coincidence. There's a theory that the Sicilian legs reflect the island's supposed triangular shape, but I think that's a little weak given the historical vagueness of maps of the island. One difference between the two emblems is that the Manx legs are always armored, currently in full armor and historically in chain mail. The Sicilian legs, however, are always bare - which may be a reflection on the climatic differences between the Med and the Irish Sea! In its traditional form the Sicilian device had a Mesusa's head at the junction of the three legs. Make of that symbolism what you will!
Stuart Notholt, 9 October 1996

The flag (a red and yellow stripes of Catalonia, with a "Trinacria" in the canton was used in the last times of the WWII. Later was used a yellow flag with the "Trinacria". On 20 July 1982 were adopted the arms and the gonfalon The suposed flag should be diagonal yellow and red with the shield in the center. Similar one is reported in the australian poster of aspirant peoples .On 17 May 1988 a variation was operate in the arms and perhaps the flag was little changed (a diagonal blue narrow stripe between yellow and red was added). In December 1988 a discusion was started for regioanl symbols. After very complicate administrative resolutions a similar previous flag (the one without blue stripe), arms and gonfanon were adopted 28 July 1990.
Jaume Olle', 3 August 1997

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