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Welcome to ShadeTree, your online source for vintage silver charms! My primary focus is souvenir travel charms with a large mix of other themes. I feature sterling silver, European silver, enamel, moveable & 3D charms as well as vintage charms bracelets, both starter bracelets and assembled.

After a few months of not listing, I am back in full force and will be adding charms almost daily.
In the coming weeks I will be adding some different things, including charm related supplies.
To the left you will find a list of categories & subcategories to help you find what you're looking for.
Return customers & browsers will find the store has been restructured, making it easier (I hope) to sort through my inventory. If I can help with anything, please feel free to email me.

If you have any questions or special requests, please don't hesitate to contact me.
I do keep a charm 'wish list' and I'm always happy to add people and charms.
I always combine shipping and include up to 10 charms for the original fee.
Please see my 'Shipping Information' page for more information.

Thank you for visiting & have a 'charming' day! ;)

My mother, the charm seller KaijaCollectibles, and I are going to be starting a charm related email newsletter. If you are interested in learning more about charms and seeing some interesting pictures, it might be right for you.
If so, just send me an email to easyetrade@gmail.com and include your email, name and that you're interested. We certainly will not share your email address with anyone, it is simply for my records of who to email the newsletter to. More information will be forthcoming as I get organized. :)
I am often asked about how I got into vintage charms and what I collect or look for. Since charms are my passion, I thought this would be a wonderful way to talk charms with people who might actually be interested (I'm not sure my friends and family are nearly as excited about the répoussé Archangel Gabriel charm I found - my son's name is Gabriel, I was completely thrilled!).

My charm collecting started kind of differently. My mother started selling charms on eBay and got me into it as well. At first I just sold them and didn't think much about it at all. But then I started coming across charms that just spoke to me. The charms I like are often not the rarest or more interesting, but they say something to me or about me. The curse had struck and I started making bracelets.

I currently have three bracelets that I wear. A personal bracelet, a Victoria bracelet (I'll explain below), and a vintage travel bracelet. I switch between them depending on my mood but generally, I have one of them on when I leave the house. Quite strange for a girl who never wore much jewelry.

I started out with the personal bracelet. It started when my mother bought me a bracelet to take apart. I loved the simple curb link style and it had a church with the name 'Scott' on it, already soldered on. Well, my last name is Scott and my grandfather was Anglican clergy. It was all too serendipitous to pass up, I started searching for more about me.

Now, because I assume you would not have read this far if you weren't interested, I am going to explain my bracelets. I think they say more 'About Me' than words ever could.

To see my listed vintage charms, check out my eBay store, ShadeTree Books Etc (just click on the link). Despite the name, I really only have vintage charms and not many books. I have at least one hundred charms listed between my store and active auctions at all times.

To see my mother's auctions (she sells charms and assorted other collectibles), check out her eBay id, KaijaCollectibles (just click on the link to see all her current listings).

I am available by email if you have any questions or comments. Just send me a note to easyetrade@gmail.com. I try to respond to all email within 24 hours or less (barring random and unexpected events).

My Personal Bracelet

  1. Victoria, B.C. enamel disc charm - my name is Victoria... so kind of self-explanatory
  2. Victoria charm - we're going to get into a theme here... further explained in the Victoria Bracelet story.
  3. A very bruised and battered 'Forget Me Not' Puffy Heart Charm - okay, I wanted a 'Forget Me Not' heart because I have always had an exceptional memory. When my gram got older and started having problems remembering things, I promised her I would be her memory. Six months after that she called and asked me her bank PIN number and I remember it. The most grateful I've ever been for my memory. So, why the bruised and battered one? Well, my mom mentioned she had one but that it was kinda banged up. So am I as I walk into everything and I'm always covered in mystery bruises.
  4. Texas state map charm - I lived in Texas for 3 years and my son was born there
  5. Enamel black cat charm - when I was young some kids left a kitten on our doorstep. It was a little black ball of fur hiding under the sideboard in the dining room. As the rightful ruler of the house, a 4-6 year old girl, I named it 'Curiosity Killed the Cat'. He was a wussy cat with a massive under-bite but I loved him with all my heart and was convinced he was beautiful and probably some rare cross breed.
  6. Cocktail shaker charm - my fiancé worked as a bar manager for a year or so
  7. Canada shield charm - I am Canadian, born in Toronto
  8. 'Don't Fence Me In' cowboy charm - this charm just speaks to me, I have never really fit in exactly. A similar charm is on page 171 of Joanne Schwartz's book 'Charms and Charm Bracelets' (I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in vintage charms and bracelets). The charm in the book has a very clean cut cowboy, well dressed and cheerful and right at the gate. My charm has a beat up old cowboy listing to the side at the back of the corral (too many times off a horse or a bit too much whiskey?). The charm just fit, it's hard to explain. I currently have one very similar to this listed on eBay. Click here to see it!
  9. Virginia state map charm - I have lived in Virginia for the past 4 years. There is nothing like the Blue Ridge Mountains. From the first pale green of spring to the burning reds and oranges of fall, the mountains color the horizon.
  10. 'Scott' church charm - my last name is Scott and my grandfather was an Anglican Archbishop
  11. Gabriel 'Angel of Hope' charm - my son's name is Gabriel and he brought more hope to my life than I can explain.
  12. Claw foot bathtub charm - I live for deep bubble baths and an hour alone with my book, the ultimate way to unwind.
  13. Natural Bridge shield charm - I live about 40 minutes from Natural Bridge. My mother came down with my grandfather earlier this spring and off we went to see it. The trip itself was a bit of an adventure but it isn't something I would easily trade. As my grandfather suffers from Alzheimer's disease, I imagine that will be my last chance to truly visit with him.
  14. Pisces 'The Fishes - Sympathy' charm - I am a Pisces
  15. Hand-cart charm - I have this one for two reasons. a) my step-son's name is Carter. b) my grandmother told me stories of summer vacations when she was young. Her father worked for the railroad and they would ride on the hand-cart. She remembered the world whizzing by and the bugs that always would hit you in the face. My Gram was my best friend, anything and everything to keep her close.
  16. Undersea Gardens, Victoria, B.C. - ummm, yeah... about that Victoria thing. ;)
  17. Worry Bird 'Leave Your Worrying to Me' charm - I am a worrier... you no idea... if I can worry about something, I do... even if it makes no sense to worry about it... my mom sent me this one.
  18. 'Said the spider to the fly' spider web charm - well, the name is mine, but it has a spider and a fly. ;)
  19. Burgenstock shield charm - I have lived in Birkenstock sandals for the past 16 years. This one also came from my mom.
  20. Psychiatrist's couch charm - umm, we won't go there. See the Worry Bird. ;)
  21. Sun charm - I have this thing about celestial stuff. My sheets and everything are covered in suns and moons.
  22. The green rabbit charm - well, I pretend he's a white rabbit. I have always simply loved Alice in Wonderland
  23. Empress Hotel, Victoria, B.C. skyline charm - yeah, another Victoria charm... my mom got me this one. A bracelet just arrived one day with 4 nondescript charm and this great Victoria charm. :) (and for the record, I don't think I've ever been to Victoria, B.C.... Though I have been to Vancouver a few times).
  24. 'Cissy' Queen Victoria love token charm - I really wanted a Queen Victoria love token for somewhat obvious reasons. While this isn't a Victoria one, which would make it super cool, I got it in the most interesting way. A woman I had been emailing with said she had some charms and would just send them to me as most of them were just plate and pewter. But one of them turned out to be a love token, just as I decided I wanted one. It was quite serendipitous. On a different note my dad and my little brother always called me 'Sissy' growing up... so I'll stretch it a bit to make it fit. :)

My Victoria Bracelet


I don't imagine the individual charms need much of an explanation on this bracelet. The reason I made it, on the other hand, probably could use some explaining. It all started when I was little.

Do you remember when you were young and everyone would get things with their names on? We search all over for things that said 'Victoria' but there weren't really any. My mom could find things in England for me (I have lots of Victoria Station stickers and plaques) but where were lived, all I could find was Vicky. My aunt was Vicky, I was not. It used to really bother me and I would check every time I saw anything with names on them.

Fast forward twenty plus years and I've become addicted to charms. And guess what? I have one of the few names that can be found on a ton of charms. So, while I still have problems getting Victoria pencils and stickers, I have a whole charm bracelet and that more than makes up for it. ;)


My Vintage Travel Bracelet

This was probably the first 'big' charm bracelet purchase I made. There are forty-two charms on the bracelet. The majority are shield charms but there are also disc charms, map charms and a couple of 3D charms. The charms come from all over the world, from the U.S.A. and Canada to Thailand and Japan.

I guess my favorite charms on this bracelet are:

  • New York shield charm
  • Crater Lake, Oregon shield charm
  • Prince Rupert, B.C. 'Halibut Capital of the World' disc charm - my grandparents met in Prince Rupert
  • Double sided Bermuda disc charm - one side has a crest and the other has a map of Bermuda
  • Sherwood Forest shield charm
  • Capiland Bridge, B.C. shield charm
  • Vienna shield charm
  • Thailand shield charm
If you've read this far I imagine you are as addicted to charms as I am! :D I really enjoy pictures and stories about charms and bracelets so please feel free to share any with me. Just send me an email to easyetrade@gmail.com.

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